EMMA NITTI has a 14-years long career of INTERNATIONAL and NATIONAL COLLABORATIONS in CINEMA,THEATER AND TELEVISION  as an ACTRESS (ACTING with such notable names as Abel Ferrara, Gabriele Muccino, Gigi Proietti, Juliette Binoche, Luciano Melchionna, Luca Miniero, Francesco Maria Dominedò, Paolo Virzì).

Emma Nitti Italian Actress Her education as an actress begins at the theatre academy “CONSERVATORIO TEATRALE” (former Scaletta) directed by G.B. Diotajuti. She attended several courses in collaboration with the University of Rome “La Sapienza”: “Euritmia”, “Danze Sacre”, “Metodo Mimico” (with Orazio Costa), “Living Theatre” and“Commedia dell’Arte” with Carlo Boso. In 2005 she studied with DORIS HICKS, Susan Batson’s alumna and assistant. She deepens the big names of theatre from Stanislavskj to Stransberg, Mejerch’old and Artaud.In 2003 she took the university degree in Artistic and Show Disciplines at the Faculty of Modern Letters at the UNIVERSITY OF ROME “La Sapienza” with a graduation thesis on Fellini.

Two films currently in theaters see her in a starring role: “Cinque”, directed by F. M. Dominedò (for which she won the award for BEST ACTRESS at the Circeo Film Festival and an AWARD OF VERSATILITY at Mompeo Film Fest) and “Cara ti amo…” of G. Vallati, winner for Best Italian film of the last edition of the RIFF (Rome Independent Film Festival, March 2011).

Emma Nitti is also known as GRACE HALL, defined by the press and media, the Queen of Italian Burlesque.

She began her career as a burlesque performer in the very famous MICCACLUB, meeting of the International Burlesque and refines her training at the ACADEMY of ART of BURLESQUE in Rome. As she has a solid background in dance,theater,singing and music for many years,as well as studying gender issues,she brings to the genre of Burlesque an appreciation of the art and philosophy of Burlesque.

Her neo-Burlesque shows project the viewer into a dream journey of past times,where old and precious costumes,specially manufactured for each show,function as a frame for her amazing performances.In fact what really sets her apart from the others, is her singing.Grace Hall matches the style of the Cabaret Divas from the ’30s and 40s with the Italian tradition, along with the unfailing corsets,suspenders,glitter,sequins,gold,jewellry and enormous fans.

She is performing at various events,from the ROME BURLESQUE FESTIVAL to the prestigious stage of the ROYAL BURLESQUE.
She is required for prestigious events ,both in Italy and abroad.
Recently she has performed  with her band – HER LIPSTICKS- at the launch of the new LANCIA Y5 and for an exclusive party  of the designer JOHN RICHMOND.
Grace Hall also performed in the MOST POPULAR ITALIAN NATIONAL TV SHOWS “Domenica5”, in “Pomeriggio5”, in “Cominciamo Bene Estate” and  several other national TV shows.
She also participated as a guest on several radio shows RADIO DEEJAY (with her shows featured on DEEJAY TV), RAI RADIO 2, RADIO IES, RARIO ERRE 2, and QUANTARADIO RADIO CAPITAL.
In May 2010, was invited to participate as a speaker at CAPITOL for a conference entitled: Women, Health and Society.
She also attended the 67° MOSTRA DEL CINEMA DI VENEZIA participating as Guest Star in the RAI MOVIE show “Virus”.
Co-star in the charity calendar “SUNSET BOULEVARD 2011”, by E. Ricciardi, inspired by the Hollywood Golden Age.
She founded the school “IL TEMPIO DELL BURLESQUE” in Rome where she is using her vast experience to teach a course in Burlesque lasting 8 months and providing classes in a wide range of disciplines.
In January this year she performed for the inauguration of the new roman fashion house LOUIS VUITTON, delighting with her voice and her  grace many international guests. (Cate Blanchett, Catherine Denueve, Antoine Arnault, Margaret Madè, Natalia Vodianova, Dante Ferretti).

She is currently on the set of LADY GRACE, an educational sit-com for the italian and foreign market that sees Grace Hall as protagonist.

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